Going Back.


Ahhhh.  First day of school.

Like most other parents, we spent last night putting together the kiddos backpacks for school today and getting their clothes ready.  And, like I do every year, I realize some fatal error and have to run to the store in the middle of the night.  

This year's error:  NO SHIRTS FOR LUCIANA.    

Totally thought that I wouldn't have to shop for my third kiddo's school attire because of the assurance of hand-me-downs from her older siblings.  I had forgotten that most t-shirts were destroyed after their last owner and I tossed them.  

Three stops later, I had the shirts and headed home.  Normally, I would feel miserable having to run such a boring errand at night, but I have to admit, I am beyond excited for school to start.  I picture my children, coming down the stairs neatly dressed in their pressed & starched school uniforms, ready to enjoy their fresh baked multigrain toast, squeezed orange juice and organic fruit for breakfast before they skip off happily to school (after kissing me and telling me I am the raddest mama ever, of course).  

Yes, that's how all my days begin.  

And then I will brew coffee and listen to the news while Marielle plays happily around the house and changes her own diapers.  

Yep. So looking forward to this new rhythm.  




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