It's Advent season and it's a very cool time to remember what matters about Christmas. This year, I purchased this advent calendar from Target to remind the kiddos (and myself) to practice extra kindness and generosity to others.

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 I like that this calendar has chalkboard drawers that are roomy enough for treats and reminders (bonus: it is reusable from year to year).

via Target
I printed off this sheet a couple nights ago and cut each piece of paper to fit in each drawer as a kindness exercise for the day. 

Write a classmate a Christmas card and give it to them at school
Make your sister’s bed for her in the morning
Make a special treat to bring to our neighbors.
Hold the door open for a stranger when we are out and about
Make something for the mailman to say thank you
Gather supplies for a Christmas meal to give to the food bank
Make a thoughtful card for your teacher
call a relative to say hello & tell them you love them
Say a prayer for someone
Do something kind for the garbage man
Give five compliments to someone today
Leave kind notes for Daddy all over the house
Do something kind to help Mom
Do something kind to help Dad
Tell your sisters what you like best about them
Be kind to someone who is hard to get along with
Clean your room without being asked
Write a list of all the things/events/people you are thankful for this year
Play for 30 minutes with your sister, without arguing or fighting
Leave 3 kind notes for your sisters in places they’ll find them
Do something to help your sister today
pick up litter at school today
Sit with someone new at lunch today
drop thank you cards at your neighborhood the police/fire station
Help a classmate or sister with homework

I strategically placed the papers on the dates that made sense (i.e. the treat for the garbage men on trash pick up day). On the first day of Advent, each kiddo shared what they love about each other. They all looked deeply appreciative and stood up a little taller with the encouragement from their sisters. 

Here's some other Advent calendars, both for the DIY'er and the off-the-shelf kind.

via Brit & Co 
via The Merry Thought 
via Minted

via Between You & Me

via Country Living

Generosity and kindness rule. They are awesome. Do good things today. 

Good talk.



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