Window Glazing, Or Something Like That.

So let me be honest.  I like diy projects but it's common that I have no experience with the project I'm doing.  I'll talk to people to have done it, watch You Tube videos on how to do it and then I'll give it a shot.

That said, I decided to strip, sand, reglaze and paint the front windows because they were in pretty awful condition.  The windows were painted shut and the paint job on them was terrible.  I figured there was nothing to lose but I had no idea how long this would take.

First, I sanded.

I switched to the heat gun because the paint was gumming up my sandpaper too much and the gun worked much better.

With all the nooks and crannies in the windows, I figured I'd save time by using a stripper to get in the hard-to reach areas (I used Citristrip).  The paint bubbled up like this after a couple of hours. 

The above photo is is how I left it for a couple of weeks because I was so sick of scraping.  Nice, eh?  I'm sure the neighbors appreciated the new look.  

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was back at it with the heat gun. 

I left it like this for a few more weeks.  On Saturday I was motivated to tackle the rest and set out to glaze and prime the windows and storms.

I've never glazed a window before but figured it would be about the same as caulking.  I got some pretty serious caulking skillz, so I wasn't worried.

So glaze is waaaaay gummier and harder to work with than caulk.  It's difficult to get a solid bead and even harder to spread it evenly.  Note my scowl in all these photos.

I wasn't happy with how messy it was so I used a razor blade to tidy it up.  It helped a bit but I'll probably redo the storm windows.  

 For whatever reason, the glaze bead went on smoother for the windows.

Check your glaze instructions.  I chose this glaze because it indicated an hour dry time (some glazes take up to 7 days).  I'd say it took longer than an hour to dry though. 

And then I primed!  

And now to a few more weeks when I have energy for it again.



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