Find of the Century

About two or three weeks ago the light fixture in the sunroom broke.  I was kinda excited about going to my fav lighting store to check out some ideas for a new fixture.  Reality kicked in when I got there: everything cost more money than I wanted to pay.  But they did have cool stuff (and free popcorn!).

I also checked out Habitat for Humanity's Restore and front and center was a very cool fixture. It was much fancier than I was looking for but the scale and price were perfect.  It was dirty and the crystals were cheap & clouded looking but, hey, I am the girl to fix that.   I put it in my cart and skipped to the checkout.  People were rubbernecking as I passed them with this fixture in my cart and kept asking me if there was another one.  

People, this is how you know you scored something awesome.

I enlisted the help of an adorable kid and we got to work.

After it was all cleaned up, it looked a bit yellow-goldish to me, so I rubbed some Rub-n-Buff in.  I love this stuff.  It added the perfect aged patina.

I am thrilled that it works! 

Yet to do is caulk around the medallion, paint the ceiling & picture rail and finish the unending stencil project

I love progress.