Our little Marielle was born one year ago.

Month by month

We celebrated her birthday a couple weekends ago with Luciana because their birthdays are so close together.  

She showed off her newly acquired walking skills at the party but hasn't walked again since. 

Needless to say, she loved her first taste of cake.  I had the bakery make her a little cupcake which she devoured in about .03 seconds.  So she had another piece and went to town.  

The second piece of cake was polished off, followed by an immediate sugar crash.

Following the sugar crash, she began wiping the high chair tray with frosting, and cousin Ava wrote her name.  

Today, we celebrated her with a special breakfast and spent time with friends.  It was such a wonderfully relaxed day and I got an extra little time with Mari before bed tonight.  

She has stolen all of our hearts. What a little monkey.




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