Sunroom progress, or that time I drew on wall with permanent marker

So.  This is likely an anti-climatic post because there's no "HEY LOOK AT THIS AWESOME TRANSFORMATION!"  moment, but rather a slow crawl toward some elusive finish line with some epic fails along the way.

Wow.  I really sold this entry, did I?  But we're keeping it real here.  Laura doesn't have unending money or time, but I got some ideas, right?  Right.

The sunroom is the room in our home that you first walk into.  There's lots of light and lots of woodwork in meh condition.  There's potential.  I am leaning toward keeping the woodwork natural and just refinishing it but I don't want the room to feel boring or formal., so a couple of months ago, I hatched a plan to make this room AWESOME.  

But first, let's have a look at the beginning.  

We began with a giant piano, crumbling plaster, boarded up windows and an 80s brass light fixture with etched roses.  But, there's leaded glass, wood floors and beautiful moldings in good condition.

The inspiration for this room began with this little number off Ebay:

I removed the etched glass from the light, spray painted it a oil rubbed bronze, painted the walls and called it a day for awhile. 

I wanted some green in there so I went to the coolest plant store in town and fought off the crowd to bring home this beauty.

After I hatched my sunroom plan, I printed off a page to get an idea of what the stencil would look like and I really liked it.

 I got some stencil paper from Michaels, traced & cut each and every little tiny tedious circle, sure that the end result would be worth all the work.  My friend Ana helped.

It took about 9 evenings to get the stencil cut.  It was a fairly miserable endeavor.  

I used my little handy dandy sponge roller and was careful not to over-saturate the roller to eliminate bleed through. was an EPIC FAIL. It just looked like a blob.  I kept my cool and switched to a small paint brush and dabbed the paint and....ANOTHER EPIC FAIL.  I get angry and quit for two weeks.  Stupid stencil.  This project worked for Meghan, why won't it work for me?

And then an epiphany.  My walls are plaster and are likely not as smooth as Meghan's. Of course paint is going to bleed through. I got out a black sharpie and began.

The downfall is that this will take me until, oh, 2017 to complete.  Hopefully I will still like this look by then.  



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