There’s some pretty amazing people out there who will voluntarily let their children paint in white shirts, or make homemade vegetable-dyed playdoh “just because”, or don't mind a bit when their children’s pointy-edged legos pierce their bare foot in the middle of the night. 

Those people are amazing. I am not one of them. 

Yet sometimes, sometimes, I am capable to just entering into one day and tell myself that this is the day that will be epic for my kids. For one day only, I was able to join the ranks of those people.

Yesterday was that day, at least in my estimation.  The only way I was able to do it is because my sister, Cindy, came to town with her four children and we teamed up and served as the other’s support staff. She also was there to help do dishes afterward, wipe the table, remind my children for the umpteenth time to say “please”, and we were able to make the day awesome.

The day’s agenda:

It was Luciana’s 5th birthday, and like all the birthdays in our home, we start the day with a donut cake and candle.  We let them eat a pile of donuts as a breakfast appetizer (already, this doesn't sound like me). After their breakfast appetizer, they played for awhile and then we had second breakfast of scrambled eggs, juice, fruit, and more donuts.

They watched a movie while Cindy & I packed picnic lunches for the zoo.  

We got to the zoo, had lunch, and actually made it on time for a bird show. I typically forget to check what time the shows are, but not this day. We were there with minutes to spare. Whole minutes, people. Oh, and when the kids were hungry for a snack, I actually had one for them. And did I pack water bottles to spare? Yes, and they were cold (extra points)!

I usually only have enough energy to do an hour or perhaps 90 minutes at the zoo but we were there until the vendors started closing up their shops. I still don't know how this was possible. 

The original plan was to let the kids eat ice cream for dinner. But Cindy & I figured it wouldn't keep them full for long. "Hey, kids- on the way home do you want to pick up some pizza? Of course you do. Let's get two." So we did. 

Once we arrived home the conundrum was if we should let them eat ice cream or pizza first? Well, this was a conversation I never thought I would have in my lifetime. We settled on pizza first and then got the toppings together for the ice cream sundae bar.

The kids were slightly excited about the ice cream at this point.

The create-your-own sundae was a hit. Shockingly.

They ate on the front porch (because I haven't completely lost my marbles) and then ran their sticky-faced little selves around for awhile to burn off some sugar.

But we weren't done yet. 
"Hey kids, who wants to watch a movie outside? Should we stay up way past bedtime to watch it? Does anyone want popcorn with the movie? And why not invite some friends over?"
So we did.
And you know what? At the end of the day, not a single child complained about going to bed. Not one kiddo got out of bed because she was hungry/thirsty/scared/etc. They went right to sleep.
Yeah they did. Because their mamas rocked that day. But only for one day. 

You can do it too. Go forth, find support staff, and...



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