The Last Hurrah. Probably.

So, we've basically rocked fall this year.  Pumpkin patch, been there.  Hay ride, done that. Trick or treat, carving pumpkins, hot cocoa, pumpkin festival, boom.  Done.

But we hadn't tackled the quintessential fall activity...jumping in the leaf pile.  

It doesn't sound like a big deal to get some leaves together, but there's no actual trees in our yard.  We have about twenty leaves from our neighbor's house that blew over the fence, which hardly constitutes a respectable pile.

I got a phone call from our neighbor last week that he had just raked a giant leaf pile in his front yard and could I bring the girls over?  Um, yes.  

But Marielle wasn't sure if she was feeling the leaf pile.

Probably because her sisters kept throwing leaves directly into her face.

We jumped and played for awhile and then our neighbor invited us in for hot cocoa and popcorn and then we were back at it.

I know the snow and bitter cold is coming, so I am so glad we were able to get this bit of fun in before we go into winter lockdown.

I am so thankful for generous neighbors and cheap fun!



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