The Sunroom Plan.

I have been thinking a lot about what to do in the sunroom of our house and within the past two weeks, I think I finally have a plan.

The room feels a little formal right now with all the woodwork (that I have yet to refinish) but I do have a very cool tribal rug in there.  I also was able to find a very sad looking parsons table at Restore this week for $8!  It will likely find a home in there as well.

I was absolutely inspired by this photo:

I think this look would work nicely in our formal entry space to let people know right off the bat that we don't take ourselves too seriously around here.

The wallpaper is Fireworks by Albert Hadley.  I wasn't willing to purchase the wallpaper because it would likely be insanely expensive (because that's just what happens when I really like something) and also I think it may be discontinued.  I began researching some diy stencil ideas and found this:

And then I saw Jenny post about it today and confirmed it for me that I should go ahead and rock the look.

So here's my plan.

The good news is that I already own all this stuff!  I just have to make the stencil and paint.  Which, face it, will take hours and hours but at least it's free, right?



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