A Lazy & Cheap (!) Way to Reupholster a Bench

A couple months ago I purchased a bench from a thrift shop.  

It had potential.  And of course, the price was right. I spray painted it gold and decided to reupholster the cushion because it was a bit blah.  I did not want to sew a cover, so I improvised.

Supply List:

staple gun/staples
a willing assistant

I measured the cushion and had a piece of plywood cut at Home Depot a little smaller than the cushion's dimensions.  If you're going do do this project, make sure your plywood is thick enough for your staple.   

I chose a charcoal geometric fabric from JoAnn.  The geometric was actually really useful because the lines in the pattern helped make sure the fabric went on straight as we stapled it.  

We initially wrapped the cushion in batting but realized that the indents from the tufting in the cushion was showing through.  The babe was sleeping & I didn't feel like going to the store to get more batting so we improvised by wadding up some other fabric to place over the indents.  

Yes, I was also being cheap.

Then we rewrapped the cushion in batting and placed the geometric fabric on top.  Before cutting the fabric, make sure you have plenty to wrap around the edges to staple.  

Then start stapling.  This is where a second pair of hands really come in handy.  The fabric has to be pulled and held very tight by one person while the other person staples.  Also, keep an eye on your fabric's pattern (if you have a pattern) to make sure you're keeping it straight. Crooked fabric on newly upholstered bench = not cool.

Once you're finished with one side, go back and hammer in all the staples in to make sure they're secure.

 The edges are a little tricky.  We chose to fold and staple one edge and then use a gift wrap style to wrap the second edge.


I like the bit of funk it adds to the space.



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