White Paper Packages Tied up with String

I had ordered a rug off of ebay last week and have been tracking its shipping status all week.  It was due to arrive today and when I got home from running some errands this morning, the status was marked as delivered.  

I looked all around the front door for it, the porch, both sides of the house…no rug. I checked the back door even though there's a tall fence in our back yard which is inaccessible from the outside.  No rug. I peeked around our neighbors' porches to see if it was mistakenly delivered there.  I checked the address online to make sure they delivered it to our home.  I initiated an online chat with UPS and called their customer service number (never did get the chance to speak to a human).  

WHERE'S MY RUG?!?!?!?!!?

I put my boots back on and wandered aimlessly around the yard.  Then I saw it: the UPS guy threw it over the back fence into a snowbank.  And, of course, the rug is wrapped entirely in white plastic, making it virtually impossible to see.

I picked it up and skipped gaily into the house. I can't be too mad at the UPS man.  He usually brings me good things.

I am always a little nervous about ordering things online without knowing exactly what the colors will be.  But as soon as I began opening it up, I loved it.

It adds a nice bit of funk to an otherwise very traditional looking room.     

I have big plans for this room!



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