Kitchen Reveal

I have been hesitant to post "before" photos of the house until now because I was afraid people would think I was crazy for taking on a house in the condition it was in.  I saw all the ugly things about the house, sure.  The ugly features were pretty hard to miss.  But when we walked through the house before buying it, I only saw the potential.  

Today, I was looking through the photos from before the remodel began, and wow…it really was ugly.  Perhaps people were right: I was insane to buy a house in this condition.  But it sure turned out pretty.  

So here's a walk down memory lane.




We discovered the original maple floors in good condition under the linoleum!



Oh, the piano in the kitchen? It's a long story.  

We did a quick paint job before moving in.


This is the kitchen we moved into. I think the two-by-fours holding up the countertop channel that rustic modern look, don't you think?


The countertops came.  And broke.  And were replaced with a different substrate underneath and now elicit awe from passersby. Well, maybe not, but I like them.  A lot. 



This idea is from Pinterest.  Rather than interrupt the backsplash with outlets, we
mounted them underneath the cabinets.

Below is my favorite cabinet.  It's a custom cabinet made to squeeze perfectly into the niche in the wall. There's two outlets inside the cabinet so that it can house my mixer, microwave and other small appliances. Which, judging from this photo, I seem to have a lot of.  

We're still awaiting the glass shelves for the china cabinet, but other that that it's done. Except for the paint touch-up, window sanding.....

We love it.  And it's certainly the place where people congregate, which is just what I'd hoped for.  



  1. This is seriously GORGEOUS! What a transformation, and I love the brightness of the new colors. WOW.

  2. It turned out beautiful. I am one who cannot see the finished product until it is finished. I love your home and I am so happy for you that you got your dream to fix a fixer upper.

  3. Laura, that's fantastic! What a great transformation, your kitchen is gorgeous now, seeing the before photos makes it even better.

  4. I can;t believe it's the same house that I spent much time in. My grandmother and mother would be amazedD

  5. Wow...beautiful and impressive! Are you still loving your porcelain countertops? I'm strongly considering using them in my kitchen...any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. I do love the countertops! They look beautiful and I don't have to worry about the staining and etching like I would with marble. That said, there is a caveat: make sure you get them from a good fabricator. Large scale porcelain is a new thing in terms of countertops (they've been used on floors and in showers). After we got our counter installed, it cracked the first week we had it. It wasn't a problem of the porcelain: the problem was the substrate they used underneath (it wasn't strong enough to support the porcelain). We replaced the substrate with a different product and reinstalled them and it was much better. Because we're "guinea pigs" with this newer product, our fabricator extended our warranty to two years rather than the standard 1 year.

    Sorry that was a long answer! Just make sure your fabricator will stand behind the product is the long and short of it. They want this product to work because it will likely catch on quickly and they need the practice to fabricate and install it so that they can offer it to more people. Just be patient with the process but I think you will love the look & the performance!

  7. One more countertop update please!! Any chipping or scratches? Do you still love them? Do you think they look more realistic than quartz marble knockoffs? Thanks!

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  9. Absolutely beautiful !! You did an amazing job.

  10. Beautiful! Your post really shows off how much work was involved in this makeover. Your attention to every detail made this kitchen look amazing.

  11. Seriously AWESOME job. I'm really impressed.