As I am sure most of the country knows, we in Wisconsin are experiencing a polar vortex.  I saw someone post on Facebook that it was colder in Wisconsin than in the South Pole or Antartica.  Our pipes in our upstairs bathroom are frozen, and the bathtub won't even drain.  

Needless to say, my kiddos have been out of school due to the cold.  So what have I been doing in this weather (besides picking up their endless piles of construction paper)?  Well, it's too cold to go outside, but LUCKILY I have access to the finest restaurant in Milwaukee.  It's so exclusive that your name has to be on "the list" to get in.  

Luckily for me, I was on the list that day. And the menu serves locally sourced food.

I am not a foodie, so I didn't order the snacka.  I do recommend the "derzerts" and "other stuff like that".  Very decadent.  And served with very chic sippy cups.  

It's been a nice couple of days to hunker down at home and eat soup and drink coffee but I am certainly ready to get out of the house and get back to society again and do exciting things like look for sectionals and get groceries.  

Go away, polar vortex.  Go away.



  1. Can you get me in touch with the head chef so I can reserve a spot for 2015? Dying to try this place out. :)

  2. Can you get me in touch with the head chef? I'd love to get on the list for 2015... or the next soonest year with open seating. :)

    1. I'll put in a good work for you. I'm pretty close to the chef.