Bar Stools

I picked up some barstools at TJ Maxx this weekend. They are comfortable and I like the weathered, imperfect finish on the legs. 

But when I brought them home, I wasn't crazy about them.  I wish that they would be a little taller than the top of the breakfast bar and perhaps something with a more open back.  Also, they stuck out rather far from the breakfast bar into the dining room.

Greg & I hung out in them for hours last night while we worked and they were very comfortable.  But there's a type of stool I've had in my mind for awhile.  I've been reluctant about ordering them because they're online, not easily returnable, and I don't know if they'd be comfortable or not.  

Here's the candidates:

#1.  Safavieh Franklin Stool from Overstock.  I like the height and the contrasting seat, but there's only 1 left!  I am not sure if I'd be able to get my hands on another 2.  And if I don't like, they'd be a pain to return.  These would sit and 1.5" from the top of the breakfast bar.

#2.  Madeleine Barstool from Restoration Hardware (we'd get the armless kind).  These are the cheapest (!) option, but they would stick out into the room even farther than the ones we currently have. I like the height though: they'd be 4" taller than the breakfast bar.

#3.  Constance Stool from Ballard Designs.  These are on sale right now and and have good reviews for comfort and stability.  However, they'd be about an inch shorter than the breakfast bar.   

Has anyone sat for extended periods of time in seats like these?  Cast your votes!  



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