Get out of the kitchen

We're up north this week, and while I am excited to get home to check on the house progress, I am enjoying some time away from apartment living.  We've been fishing, biking, paddle boating and lounging about.  And feeding little birdies at a zoo.

Note my pregnant "bodybuilder veins" look

Right now, I am sitting in a cafe, enjoying the internet connection to do some more research on my countertop options.  I have one more [huge/expensive/overwhelming] kitchen decision to make and then will be done researching pieces of rock online and may return to being a responsible & attentive mother and friend.

To back up, I like the look of marble in the kitchen and have found that that quartz countertops that are made to replicate the look of marble fall short.  I heard about a new product made out of a porcelain slab (in 5' and 10' lengths) that is supposed to replicate the look and have even more durability than the quartz.  I saw a 24" x 24" square of it at the design center and it looked pretty good.  However, because it's new and don't know what it's even called, I haven't been able to find a lot of photos or reviews of it. I may be taking a trip this week to Chicago (the nearest showroom) to check out some options and want to make sure the trip will be (hopefully) be the last countertop quest.  

Here's the showroom pics:

I did some more research on it today and I think it's called "Statuario Venato" Porcelain Slab countertop.  I found these photos of it online:




Here's my advice to others like me out there:

Just make the choice and get out of the kitchen.  It's only an expensive piece of rock.  



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