The Kitchen Plot

Let me begin by saying that I am so thankful for Pinterest.  For visual people like me, it's so much easier to explain what I am thinking while using photos as a reference.

Our new kitchen will not be large, but I am hoping that all the years of plotting and tearing out magazine pages (in the pre-Pinterest days) to get an idea what I wanted will pay off.  One of my prouder moments has been to think about where the outlets will be placed: underneath the upper cabinets so that the backsplash stays outlet-free.  

And, after 6 years, we will have a microwave in our kitchen.  Really, it's the little things, people.  

Here's our kitchen design, courtesy of our contractor and designer:

We'll have a raised breakfast bar which will hopefully blend seamlessly with the top of the buffet that's in the adjoining dining room.  We'll also put in an arched china cabinet where an arched doorway used to be:

Here's the fruit of my Pinterest and magazine tear-outs over the years (*Wiping a tear from my eye*).



  1. LOVE! Cannot wait to see the end result!!! So fun Laura!

  2. Thanks, Amy! How are the art classes going?