Autumn is my time of year.  Not only because I enjoy the cooler weather and fall colors, but also because I get the opportunity to display my vast cardigan collection.  

First, a family update:  Marielle is doing well and we're adjusting to our new life schedule.  She's up about every three hours or so at night, which means that after we get the kids in bed, I lazily flop onto a bean bag chair (for lack of seating in our tv room) and don't move until my back starts to hurt (typically 1-2 hours).  The girls are doing well at school, but with school comes homework.  Our home is not a fun place to be at 4pm: while I am trying to entertain/pacify/relocate a newborn and three year old, I cook dinner and help two [incredibly distracted] kiddos with homework.  I found that yelling a lot helps me feel better during homework time, but strangely, the children do not respond well to this.  I will have to experiment with other methods.

We have been cooped up a lot this week, so today was a lovely day to be outside, fly homemade kites, and drink vats of coffee.  

I also got a mini-date with the hubster this week.  I say mini-date because it involved bringing along two of the four kiddos, but we will take what we can get.  We dined on a rooftop.  It was lovely and I also got the chance to wear a cardigan and escape the after lunch clean up.

Our house update: our master bath has been tiled.  I love, love, love the herringbone floor.  I chose a porcelain tile that looks like weathered wood and it turned out nicely.  The carpenter began laying down the trim in our room as well and the floor got its first sanding.  The vanity and recessed medicine cabinet were also installed.

The carpenter also rebuilt the linen cabinet and we have the door put back on.  I have begun painting the trim and hope to get a few more doors painted this weekend.

The countertops also arrived today!  If a person can develop a crush on a piece of rock, just consider me smitten.  It replicates marble well and I love the polished finish.  The fabricators did a wonderful job  matching up the patterns on the seams and carrying the patterns up the backsplash and down to the sink.  I'll have better photos down the road when I have the backsplash installed, but wanted to post these tonight.  

Also, this is a small thing, but we discovered that our old microwave fits into our appliance cabinet.  

I just love it when even the little things work out, no?  



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