Weekend in Chicago (As Told Through Grainy & Blurred Photos)!

Ok guys.  Here I am trying to take this blog thing seriously and all I have to show for my efforts is very grainy & blurred iPhone pics of an incredible weekend.  Mostly I will blame Greg for this, as I put him in charge of most photo ops, which he saw as an opportunity to take out of focus and headless photos of me.    

But I digress. And next time I shall come prepared with an actual camera designed for taking good photos.

Anyway, we were in Chicago for the Emmys this weekend. Greg was nominated for an Emmy this year and we had a wonderful time visiting one of my favorite cities.  Oh, Chicago...how I love your food.

We took the train down and it was my first time ever on a train (minus the kiddie train at the zoo).

I wasn't sure what to wear but ended up donning a dress made out of wetsuit fabric.  Weird in theory, but the dress was very cool on.  I even rocked some red lipstick!  Oh Laura, getting fancy.

Here begins the headless and blurry series of Laura photos, thanks to Greg (obviously he was not nominated for director of photography). But believe me, the dress was super cool.

Although he did not take home the golden statue, we dined and hung out with some pretty fabulous people.  

Even Obama showed up.  He probably heard about my blog or something and wanted to make a cameo...

...or someone who looks like him anyway.  

And Greg looked so handsome and I will forgive him for his lack of photography skills.  

The next morning we had breakfast at Brunch, which wasn't far from the hotel and had good recommendations.  

They have classic breakfast with a couple interesting twists.  The service was meh but the atmosphere was very cool.  

We didn't have much time to hang out after breakfast so we walked around for a bit before heading back to catch the train.  But seriously.  What a great date weekend.

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