It's funny how perspective changes things.  

I was recently asked how the renovations in the house were coming along and I indicated how great things were looking.  Greg laughed and corrected me, saying that our house is like a crack addict that has recently made some improvements: it looks better, but not not doing quite as well as one would hope.  

I stand corrected.

At the end of the day yesterday, all the wallpaper has been removed out of the first floor bath and back bedroom.  I am certain this was not an easy task, as each strip of wallpaper was still lying on the floor, each piece very small and tedious to remove.  

Here's the back bedroom:

And the bathroom:

I was so excited to see these two rooms stripped down to the bare plaster walls that I began to laugh when I saw them.  Nevermind the fact that the bathroom has the old pieces to the linen cabinet strewn on the floor & tub and it looks like a tsunami aftermath; I was also able to overlook the horrible cracked pea green walls that have been harbored under several layers of wallpaper for decades.  

I sent the photos of the two rooms to Greg and noted the irony of how excited I was to see the rooms in this state, yet anyone else would look at these two rooms and run out of the house, afraid that I had lost my marbles.

My aunt emailed me a complimentary message yesterday, saying that she is enjoying the blog and that I am "very, very….brave!!" (Thanks, Mary Ann!)  In my small town vernacular, perhaps this can be most easily translated into, "Laura is very, very….stupid/naive/crazy!!"


Also, here is the kitchen update:



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