Fourth of July Weekend

This week is half over already?! I feel like the holiday on Monday confused my sense of time.
Our Fourth of July weekend was full of fireworks, dancing, sparklers, beach time, friends and cherry picking. Just as it should be.

Our weekend started out with a coffee date with Daddy and a playdate with a friend (and Target!)

Our neighbors celebrated their 45th anniversary with food and a great live band.

On the Fourth, we went to a hometown parade with some friends and grilled out. Marielle was delighted to have candy thrown her way.

I have certainly hit my quota of brats for the summer (get in my belly!) 

Some friends invited us to the fireworks on the beach. We trolled down 100 steps with only the light from our flashlights. No children lost or injured on those stairs, as far as I know :)

The party on the lakefront was pretty epic for the girls--loads of sparklers, great view of the fireworks, and a bit of time to put toes in the lake.

And I'll take one of those beach houses, please :)
The next day, our neighbors called on our premier cherry picking services for their backyard tree. 

It was a full and long weekend. We sprinkled some pockets of quiet home time in here and there. The girls definitely slept in this morning. 

And now we're back to reality of laundry and grocery shopping for dinner tonight. I hope your week is off to a good start!
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