I've been working on the front windows and door.  It's tedious work to get the old paint off.  Shocker, I know.  There's about 3-4 layers of chippy paint and I've been alternating sanding with the heat gun. It's slow but satisfying progress.

After sanding

After heat gun

However, I'm not in the slow mood as I'm living with a pretty ugly front window right now.

Great "progress", right?

I've been doing some reading about strippers, which in my mind is a last resort route but I think I'm at that point.  There's a product I've been reading about called RemovAll.  From what I read so far, it doesn't strip the paint, but breaks the bond between the paint and the surface the paint is on.  It's marketed as being an environmental friendly product but I haven't read much into what that means yet.

I may be giving it a shot this week and will hopefully have a good product review for you soon!  Plus a gorgeous front window to show you as well.  I hope. 





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