Master Bedroom Tour

So let's continue the house tour.

Our bedroom has never been a finished space.  When we purchased the house, it was an empty room with a chimney, a cedar closet (which is strange placement, considering that it was unfinished), and a flat, leaking patio.  The patio had been leaking for many years and actually rotted a hole in the ceiling of the bedroom beneath it.  I have a theory that this room was used as the "cat room" by a previous owner as there was a lot of fur and scratches all over the bottoms of the doors.

In other words, it was a pretty awful space.

April 2013

Flat, leaking unusable patio

The plan of action was to make this room bright, functional, and of course AMAZING, which first meant enclosing the patio and incorporating it into the inside as a dormer.  Because this is a historic home we had to style the dormer to match the one in the front of the house and stucco it to match (which is not cheap, people).  We also added skylights to take advantage of the southern exposure.

May 2013

June 2013

August 2013

September 2013

Oh, that light fixture. There aren't enough words to describe its fabulousness.
We refinished the original douglas fir floors in the room.  I learned that douglas fir is a very soft, very red wood.  We couldn't refinished it in the same way as the rest of the floors and started out just putting a tung oil on the floor.  This really brought the red out in the floor, which was just way too red for my taste.  We ended up adding black dye to the tung oil which counteracted the red a lot.  I like the look, but it still is much different than I had expected.  Also, the black dye still rubs off when it gets wet, so we have to figure out what topcoat needs to go on this to seal it off.  

 October 2013

March 2014

We kept the original cedar closet and added a door to store off season clothing

Trapdoor laundry chute to basement

There's still painting to be done and doors to stain, but that will be down the road.  We love the space and can't believe how well it turned out!



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