San Diego

We spent a long weekend in San Diego.  It was warm!  It was sunny!  We were outside wearing sleeves that exposed our white withering arms to sunlight!   

Before booking the trip, we looked online to see some destinations to check out and found a place called the Gaslamp Quarter which has a lot of great restaurants and shops.  We booked a hotel in that area so that we wouldn't have to go far to find something to do.  

We spent some time in the Cedros Design District, which has a lot of neat shops & antique stores.  Within a few blocks of the Design District were some huge consignment stores. I could have spent a whole day there.

I saw so many neat pieces and a very pretty vintage ring almost came home with me.

We also went to Coronado, a little island right across from San Diego.  We checked out the Hotel del Coronado, which was built in 1888 and is still gorgeous.  The whole town is a cool place to explore.  If we go there again, I'd love to rent a bike and cruise along the boardwalk.  

Also checked out the San Diego zoo and really loved the bus tour.  And the landscaping was ah-mazing.

We took Marielle with us and she was such a great traveler on the plane despite some layovers and long lines.  We had to explain to her what that glowing ball of fire in the sky is: "See, Marielle, that's called the sun and it warms our planet but only seems to work in California."

And then we had to leave, put on our winter coats and fly back to Wisconsin to enjoy more of the polar vortex.

When we would chat with people on the sidewalk, they'd ask where we were visiting from.  When we told them Milwaukee, their face would fill with compassion and concern and asked (quite sincerely) how we were holding up.  At least we have others' pity to count on to get us through the rest of winter.  You hear that, Wisconsin?  Others are rooting for us to get through this thing. 



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