Family Room Reveal

So let's talk about the family room today.

This room has been a challenge.  It was one of the, if not "the", most damaged room in the house.  The floor boards were buckled.  There was a hole in the ceiling from the leaking patio above it.  It had three layers of wallpaper.  Critters had obviously been inhabiting this space.  And it has this light fixture (audible gasp).

Yep.  That's the diamond in the rough we bought.  I even cringe when I look back at these photos. What were we thinking?

We were able to salvage most of the flooring in the room by removing the most damaged boards.

We opened up the ceiling and area around the window to clear all the funk out.

This room has been used for several purposes so far.  We used this room as our bedroom when we first moved into the house because our room wasn't finished yet.  It became the girls' playroom for awhile.  Then it became a room that we tossed stuff in because we didn't know where to put it.  Eventually, we thought this would make a good tv/hangout room and began the sectional debate and a search for the perfect sectional for us.  

After several nervous breakdowns, I eventually decided on a charcoal velvet sectional with pullout sleeper to use for guests, since this room doubles as a guestroom.  I started putting together a moodboard for the room to get an idea of the space.  I wanted a bright, cozy with great texture and a gallery wall.

After ordering the sectional, I had the standard 4-6 weeks to paint the room before it arrived.  But did I?  Of course not.  I waited until the store called to tell me that the couch was coming the next day to begin painting.  This wouldn't have been a big deal if I was just painting the walls, but I had to paint walls, ceiling and prime and paint the woodwork as well.  I stayed up until 4 am painting and the couch was here by 8 am. I am so thankful the walls were dry when they pulled that big ol' couch into the room.  

We ended up using our too-small living room rug in there because it looked good with the sectional.  We had a small vintage coffee table in there for a couple weeks but it felt too cluttered and moved it out.  This week my new pillow arrived and I like the added pattern and color.  

Here's what it looks like today:

We store blankets in this covered basket.

Also yet to be done in this room is putting actual photos and art into blank frames, spray paint the blue lamps, and perhaps adding another pillow or two.  I think I may also refinish this old table as well.  

We love hanging out in this room and being able to comfortably have guests over too!  We spend most of our evenings in here watching a movie or listening to music.  It's my favorite hangout spot.

Thanks for visiting!