Our Room

The upstairs in our home has three bedrooms, one of which has never been finished, as far as I can tell.  We decided to make the unfinished space our bedroom, but first we had to address a rubber-roof porch off the back of the house.  The roof had been leaking badly the past couple of years and that leak led to a hole in the ceiling of a downstairs bedroom.  Here's what it looked like before we enclosed the porch:

We enclosed the porch into a dormer that matches the dormer in the front of the house.  This gave us a nice seating area in the bedroom.  This dormer will be stuccoed (if that's a word) sometime in the next week or two.  

The floor of this bedroom has never been refinished and it was exciting to see what shape the floors are in.  We are not going to sand the floor all the way down to the raw wood, but have decided to leave some of the gray tones in the wood because we like how the ruggedness ties into the gray brick on the exposed chimney.  

Here's what the floor looks like today:

The tub is getting moved into our bathroom tomorrow and the trim work in our bedroom and tile work in our bathroom will begin this week as well.  [Hello, awesome herringbone floor.  Looking forward to meeting you.]



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