Spring may have arrived in Wisconsin at last.  Forget the groundhog: once you see me outside sanding or painting something, you will know spring is here.

I decided to ring in spring by buying some succulents (hard to kill!) from Home Depot.  I love the texture and shape of these little guys.  I put a grouping inside a pot from Goodwill that I spray painted and I noticed the colors of the plants just so happen to pick up the colors in the photo next to it.

I also noticed that my home is beginning to look more and more like an ad for Target.

Last year at a rummage sale, I picked up this candle holder.  It's two troughs with a wrought iron stand and I've been wondering what to do with it.  

When I saw the little potted plants, I hoped they'd be a perfect fit for the candleholder. And it was! It was meant to be.

I am loving these little green guys.  



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