Dining Room Inspiration

So...still haven't done anything with the 80s chairs in the dining room.  I've been around to several fabric stores in the past couple weeks and haven't found a suitable fabric for reupholstering them.  Here's a couple options I've been considering:

The fabric needs to hold up to globs of oatmeal, spills, and general kid issues.  The last time we upholstered our chairs, I used a really pretty fabric, but it didn't hold up to what life dealt out.  This time around, I just want to live my life and stop scrubbing down chairs.

Also, our dining room feels really traditional with the cove ceilings & built in buffet so I have to find something that communicates "hey, we're hip & fun" and not take it too seriously.

So in other words, I want affordable, scrubbable fabric that will communicate our youthfulness & coolness in a subtle way that still resonates with the traditional vibe of the space. Let me know if you guys see anything out there like that, okay?

It's supposed to be around 50 degrees here today so I just may drag some chairs outside for a good sanding. Perhaps that will get me motivated.



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