Marielle is three months old today.

She still has the furrowed brow, serious side of her but is showing a little more of her light-hearted side these past couple of weeks.  She also has a serious double chin.

Lots of improvements and finishing touches have been going on around here.

Remember the buffet?  

There was a space between the two cupboards where the old radiator used to be.  Because we switched from radiant to forced air, we decided to put a shelf in this space to put that space to work.  The carpenter put in the shelf today.

He pried the original baseboard off the back wall and moved it to the front.  It needs a good scrub-down, but I wanted to post this anyway (trying to keep it real here).

I'll likely use it to store cookbooks once I have it stained.  

We're also getting the fence put in this week.  We have the back fence in and the front fence will likely be built next week.  I felt awkward snapping photos of the crew while they were building it in the backyard so all the photos I have of the fence so far are "stalker shots" that I took of the progress through the window.  I'll post new fence photos next week.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!




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