Trophy Weekend

Ahh…the weekend was wonderful.  Greg's parents took the kiddos and we were able to go on a date, go to Urgent Care (Greg, not me)*, go to a costume party, and attend the Emmy's in Chicago.

On Friday night, we went to dinner at Kil@wat and had a wonderful dinner. I ordered the salmon and we even splurged and ordered a lemon custard with berries for dessert!  

So pretty. And tasty.

On Saturday night, our neighbors had a Halloween party.  Their haunted bungalow was decked out with creepy severed hands under glass and loads of great food.  They served a drink called Dragon's Spit, which was a jalepeno martini with rosemary and lime.  I wasn't daring enough for a whole glass, but had a taste and it was actually very good.  This was my first time dressing up for Halloween in probably 15 years.  We went as Wayne & Garth and partied on.

On Sunday, we got all gussied up for the Midwest Regional Emmys.  Greg was nominated for the work he's done on the project (yes, that's a plug. It's my blog).  

My handsome date

We arrived at Alhambra Palace and there were four Rolls Royces (Royci?) parked in front, strictly as props.  Being easily impressed, I took a picture so that I can tell people that I once saw four Rolls Royci.  

Our friend Jeremy reminded us that, should Greg win, the acceptance speech protocol is to remark, "Boy, these things are heavy!"  And, in the event that Greg does not win, he should clap and smile graciously and then punch our waiter in the mouth when he makes eye contact.  (Although Greg did not end up winning, the waiter was not harmed).

It was a wonderful date night!  Wow.  Two dates in one weekend.  We should be set for the next year! 

*Greg was bitten by a spider on Friday night and had red streaks running up his arm from the toxins.  He spent several hours doctoring and getting meds on Saturday.  Not fun.




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