Showing the Back door the door.

Oh, the back door.  It's one of the older, more antiquated (ahem, ugly) features of the house.   We had wanted to replace it right away, but decided to wait until the big items were brought in and out (e.g., old oil tank) so that a new door wouldn't get dinged up.  The door is chipping and flimsy looking and we thought it would be easy for someone to break into.  We thought this until a few weeks ago when we locked ourselves out of the house because the front lock was jammed.  After trying multiple times to get in the front, we decided to try to break down the back door.  

Here was a perfect moment for Greg to get all cop-like and bust down the back door.  After kicking and running and kicking and kicking it some more, the door wouldn't give.  

Okay, one point in defense of the door.  It's not flimsy, just ugly.  

Our neighbors have quite a few tools so Greg went to ask them for a crowbar to pry the door open.  He came back a few minutes later with the crowbar and went to the back of the house to pry the door open.  Our neighbor that we borrowed the crowbar from came out and suggested that we try going in through the basement window.  

A few minutes later, our neighbor is holding Greg by his ankles as Greg dangles through the basement window, headfirst.  He successfully makes it inside without smashing his skull on the concrete floor and unlocks the front door so that we don't have to break in.  

Although the back door does have good qualities, we will still be replacing it.  Let me show you why:

Perfectly creepy for Halloween, don't you think?  

I went to Home Depot over the weekend and found this one as a replacement.  

I like the craftsman look and it's made of fiberglass.  The sales guy said it would hold up better to dings than a steel door. Anyone have any input on this…does fiberglass hold up better than steel?    



  1. Andy says don't get a door from Menards or Home Depot. They don't have good doors. He can't recommend what supplier to purchase from since he doesn't Milwaukee. However Taylor and Peach Tree are high quality doors in his opinion. Good luck!