A Homemade Natural Disaster

Building a volcano was on the girls summer adventure list and our friend Jeremy spearheaded this project on Saturday, mainly to wreak havoc and wear this on his head:

He purchased crops, livestock, villagers, palm trees, and lab coats for the "mad scientists".  The girls were thrilled and created names to label their lab coats.

And they dubbed a name for Jeremy, and we all found it quite fitting.

We built the volcano outside and it took most of the morning to spread the modeling clay and create the village.  

Fortunately, the girls built an active volcano and we had 9-10 volcanic eruptions in one morning.  

The villagers, who had recently settled in the area were clearly displeased with the chaos and came out to check the damage.   

We had an awesome time putting this little project together!  The downside is that this giant volcano will be lingering around the house for quite a long time, but the girls love it. 

Thanks for putting this together, Jeremy.  You can stop in and pick up the volcano anytime.  





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