Summer Printable

I printed our summer adventure list and got it in the mail this week.  I was just as excited to get it as the girls.  The girls love referencing it for ideas!

I have been working for the past couple of weeks on the girls' playroom/work space in my "spare time".  It has a fresh coat of white paint and someday I will get around to finishing the primed woodwork.  Last week, I purchase a couple yards of fabric and tacked it to the wall.  I've hung some cool stuff on it and I love the dimension and color it adds to the room.  (And it's cheap!)

The chalkboard printable was the finishing touch.

I printed it as a 20x30 and taped it to the wall because I just couldn't be bothered with a mat and frame for it. I edited it to make it usable for others of you who want to have similar adventures this summer :)

I printed this on as a 20x30" true black and white photo, which turned out with a nice matte finish which adds to the chalkboard look (printing it as a 16 x24 would also work well).

Finally, a chalkboard look for those of us who have HORRIBLE penmanship.  Happy printing!



  1. I love your chalkboard print! Did you design it? Where can I get one?

    1. I did design it and you're welcome to print it off! You can download the .jpg off the site and load it onto whatever photo site you usually use (ex:,, etc) and choose the size you want. I would recommend a 20x30 or 16x24 and make sure the cropping doesn't cut off any of the photo. If you need further help, just let me know :)