It's been a year already.  Hard to believe, especially today while looking at these photos, that we were actually crazy enough to buy this house last year.

I thought it would be fitting this week to revisit some old photos of where it all began, along with some progress shots (I don't have a lot of "afters" yet, but it's coming along).

Living room:

Family Room:

Dining Room:

Master Bedroom:

Main floor bath:


Girl's Bathroom:


Nice, eh?  Really, I feel like it's cheating showing photos of what it looks like now because, honestly, things could only go uphill from what you see here.  

It's funny.  Looking at these photos, I can remember the scent of the house during this period of time. Especially the basement.  Eventually the smell shifted from that "something died here" scent to sawdust, to drywall, to paint, to whatever it smells like now.  Perhaps I remember so well because I was pregnant at the time.  

Were we crazy to buy this place? Probably. Just the right kind of crazy.  





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