Let There be Light.

Today I felt filled with hope because of simple things.

Today, the carpenters took the plywood boards off the windows, moved all the miscellaneous cabinets/doors/countertops out of the living room, and swept the broken glass and debris off the floor.

The house was bright and looks like an actual, habitable home (almost).

I finally got the opportunity to see the house, and not just the "potential" in the house.  The windows are beautiful and the floors are in good shape considering what they have endured in the past decade.

View from kitchen into dining/living rooms

North wall of living room 
The excited kiddos

The mudroom

Mudroom detail

They also began framing off the master bedroom, bath and closet.  For the first time in 6 years, I won't be sharing a closet with everyone in our family. 

Remodeling is a beautiful thing, people.  



  1. The woodwork in your home is just gorgeous! True 'craftsman-ship!' Love this adventure! :-D
    Jeanette Lubitz