Cold Feet

I got cold feet.

I received the cabinet door sample recently and it just looked so....white.  I know that I like white, but I didn't know if I was okay with how white it was.  I asked the designer to meet me with other white door swatches at the countertop shop (or whatever those places are called).

We met and I got the chance to see what the door would look like with the countertop that we are considering.  

I feel better.  I think that there is some contrast between the countertop and cabinet...I was afraid that the colors would be too similar.

After the countertop shop, we went to Habitat for Humanity's Restore.  Let me just sing the praises of that store!  I left with 8 light fixtures and a new kitchen hutch for the girls' "cafe".  All the furniture and lighting were 1/2 off too!  Here's what I am most excited about:

Hefty industrial pendants for $30 each.  Wow.  These will probably take care of our entire basement.  I was looking on Pinterest today for some ideas on how to refresh some these and here's what I have come up with so far:

After Restore, we stopped by the house to drop off the lights and saw that the electrician has been there to rewire the kitchen.  

They also removed the dumpster (dumpster #5 by my count) and #6 is on its way.  Good thing, too, because this is what the backyard looks like today:

I checked on the master bedroom too while I was there and they installed the second skylight.  It looks so inviting in there with all that light!

Overall, a very successful day.  




  1. That house is already full of stories.

  2. Thanks, Cathy! So glad you're enjoying the work being done. How long ago did you live next door?

  3. Any interesting finds yet? We ended up with baseball cards in the rafters from the Milwaukee Braves, some interesting posters and pickled something-or-other in the root cellar.

    1. We found a newspaper clipping from the 80s about the Soviet mafia...wondering why the previous owners would have held onto it....?!

  4. From 1958 - 1972. Mom and Dad sold.the house in the 80's. Great memories in the alley!