Midnight Projects

Some people ask me when I work on the house stuff. It really depends on the schedule that day and the project at hand. I rarely pull out the paint during the day, especially if it's oil based, because by the  time I get into the painting groove, the babe wakes up.  

I spray paint, stain, scrub, sand, and whip out the heat gun during the day for various projects. Painting is typically my middle of the night project. Not so this week because I had helpers! And not just any helpers. I had The Moms. They deserve a proper noun because they're like an invincible force, ready to put a chokehold on a house project. Like what. 

This week, they showed their prowess at the miter block while I stood aimlessly nearby and took photos. 

And then, bam, the tile surround is done and The Moms drop the mic and move on.

(I am in love with that tile).

And for the rest of the day, we painted. I had completely underestimated the amount of paint we'd need for two coats in the basement. I initially had 3 gallons, but I think we ended up needing 8 or 9. Yikes, underestimating paint can kill your budget. Also, painting for that length of time will make your hand swell up, I discovered. 

Marielle was sleeping during the morning paint session. And once she woke up, we hooked her up with the 80s playpen and an iPad, which kept her contained and happy for a bit. I occasionally tossed some food and drink in from time to time, as one would a fish in a bowl. Anything to keep her occupied.

I spent last night doing last minute paint touch ups, sanded & stained the stairs, primed a plank wall (photos soon!), and puttied the wood seams until the wee hours of the morning. 
Flooring comes tomorrow! 



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