Basement Frame Up

The basement project began last week.
It's hard to show in these grainy basement photos what's taking shape because it just looks like a bunch of wood sticks everywhere.  You'll have to take my word for it that my little brainchild is looking pretty darn good.
The laundry room:

Family room:
The wondrous sewer pipe before a fresh coat of matte black paint:

Utility room:
We had a couple of original doors left from the upstairs remodel and we've been able to reuse them downstairs for the utility room and a closet which makes me happy. I also bought a door at Restore to use for the laundry room. 
This week, I've been working on painting the laundry room door, stripping & sanding two pocket doors, and tracking down cool light fixtures on a budget. I found this one at Lowes for the girls' playspace. It'll likely get a new coat of paint because I just can't leave things alone. It's a medical condition.

I've also been trying to remove the raised fireplace hearth. It's a trip hazard for the girls, plus it's just not that cool. The tile I want to use instead is cool, so that's that.

I was able to knock out the first couple rows of brick without much problem. I highly recommend wearing eye protection if you ever tackle a project like this because the rock chips and goes flying! I delegated the job to Greg who used a sledgehammer and crowbar. 

Apparently he developed a relationship with the sledgehammer.
We're probably not even halfway done with the hearth project.  Apparently whomever laid the brick didn't intend for it to move. Ever. 
Tomorrow the water heater will be relocated to the utility room and the washer/dryer will be moved to their new home in the new laundry space.
My little plan is coming together.  [Is there supposed to be an evil laugh inserted here?]
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