Just one of them days...

Today is just one of those days.  Nothing in particular to be stressed or anxious about, but I am grumpy nonetheless.

I did some errands this morning and it took longer than I expected.  While I was putting a shopping cart away, one of the kids turned on the hazard lights.  While loading the baby into a cart, one of the kids tipped the cart over.  We got home and I realized that I forgot to go to the library so I had to head back out again. By the time we got home, I was so hungry and wanted a donut and cup of coffee, like, now.  But we have no donuts.  And no coffee because I broke the coffee pot last night.

And why did I break the coffee pot?  There was a spider on my wrist while I was putting the coffee pot away last night.  I am not one to freak out about spiders, but I have been noticing a certain type around here that I am pretty sure is a brown recluse spider (a.k.a. poisonous).  We think this is the spider that bit Greg this summer and landed him in the ER.  Anyway, I saw the spider and broke the pot and trapped the poisonous thing in a jar so I could identify it without squashing its brains out.

But the girls saw the poisonous spider in the glass jar this morning, named it Twisty and now think it's our new pet.  "Yes, girls, Mommy & Daddy got this new poisonous spider for you to play with. Just be careful its fangs don't embed in your flesh too deeply now." 

So I have a poisonous jarred spider named Twisty staring me in the face on the kitchen counter with all its eyeballs, no doubt plotting its revenge against me for the slow and merciless death I am allowing it to have while I google information about its kind and how to kill them all.

I pulled out an old cappuccino maker and made a fabulous cup of coffee and had three pieces of Easter candy to ease the donut craving. I put the coffee in my new mug (thanks, Kara!), take a deep breath and decide that I can make it through the day.

I decide to to finish the upholstery job on a chair in the girls' playroom.   This chair is half done and I am prepared to tackle the rest, but someone (certainly not one of my children), must have snuck into our home last night to place a blue marker on the fabric and let it bleed a large blue spot.  And then left.  Certainly my children wouldn't have done this. So I have to take the fabric off and see if I can salvage it.

So no donuts, blue stains, badly behaved children, poisonous arachnid under glass kind of day.

How're all you guys doing out there?  Hang in there.



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