Friday High Five

Yes, I know it's Wednesday.  I'm featuring the Friday High Five early this week so y'all ponder these ideas & gifts ideas over your Thanksgiving and as you begin your Christmas shopping.

1.  I love that West Elm is featuring several product lines that are either Fair Trade, feed hungry people, or made by artisans who partner with literacy campaigns in Haiti. Plus West Elm is having a sale right now on everything with promo code MOREISMORE. 

Felt ball wreath 
Paper-mache animal sculptures 
FEED cutting boards
2. This video is an on-point reminder. 
"Smiling is stupid."

3. I cannot handle the cuteness of these little critters. For each doll purchased, 10 meals will be provided to kiddos through World Food Program & the Children's Hunger Fund. A great gift to our world and our kiddos.

4. This is another great idea for kids to explore & learn from other cultures, people, and handicrafts. An awesome gift idea. I'd love an adult version with recipes!

5. Few people know this, but my thesis paper (seven years ago now, sheesh) was about businesses with multiple bottom lines that benefit our both economy and our world. This website that names quite a few businesses that have great products and do great things for people. This season, definitely consider spending your hard-earned cash at businesses like these so your cash can continue to work for you. 

Let's use our money for multiple good things this season, okay? Okay. [High five].
I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings. 



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