I think what I enjoy most about decorating is pondering where things should go and how they should look.  Lately, I've been pondering the family room.  We will be using the back bedroom on the first floor as a tv room/family room.  I ordered the sectional for that space a couple of weeks ago and it should be coming soon.  I still haven't painted the room, but here's what I've come up with so far:

I'd like to have some funky plant in the room and would love to have my fiddle leaf fig in there, but I just can't convince it to stay alive.  I have two of these plants now and they are struggling between life and death.  Apparently, I do not have a knack with indoor plants.  I am on the verge of writing them off as too needy and ungrateful.  

Does that Persian rug look familiar?  I bought it for the sunroom, but I really like how it looks with the charcoal color of the couch.  I'm sure this rug will get moved around to lots of different rooms in the house from time to time.  I love it so.  I have an armoire for the tv and movies and I think I may paint it or strip it.  It's a bit too red for the rest of the stuff going on here.  Also, I plan on reviving a thrift shop coffee table using this tutorial:


So many projects….



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