Let there be Light, Part II

As my husband said today, our house is looking more like a home: we have electricity and light fixtures at last.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and I primed the living room ceiling in preparation for the new fixture going in there.  The primer dripped in my hair and my face and also spattered all over the floor even though we had drop cloths everywhere.  Still, the primer somehow managed to land in the sliver of uncovered floor, which meant we had to stop and scrub the floor about every five brush strokes.  But it's done. That ceiling in particular was in serious need of primer, as a lot of water stains from the leaking roof showed through the plaster.  

Remember this?

I now recall from past experiences how terrible it is to do any work on a ceiling (specifically, the ceiling we wallpapered in our last home…but it did look amazing when it was done).  My mom swore she would never assist me again in wallpapering a ceiling, but these are the stuff memories are made of, right Mom?

Here's the peek of some fixtures installed today:

Dining room
Kitchen pendant
Living room

Also, I think I finally found the kitchen cabinet hardware:

Atlas Homewares Distressed collection medium pull

Continental Home Hardware White Ceramic and Oil-Rubbed Bronze Lever Pull

Moving day is next weekend and there is still so much on my to-do list.  This weekend I hope to finish painting the trim upstairs.  Tonight I finished scrubbing down all the door hardware.  It's hard to prioritize what needs to be done when it feels like everything needs to be done....



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