Autumn Reading List

I appreciate the rhythm that fall creates. Kids are back to school and I have a little more space in my schedule to do my very favorite thing in the world: reading.

I'm in the mood for some soul care this year, some thoughtful books with a couple laughs mixed in here and there.

1. This one is waiting for me at the library and I've heard from a couple of people that they laugh out loud as they read it. I am starting a book club this year and I think this will be our first read.

2. I began this book last week and I like Mindy's writing style & humor. This book is a random collection of essays on a number of topics, but it's a funny read.

And here's the back cover, just because it's funny.

3. I don't know much about this book or the author, but I like the cover and title. Hopefully that whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" cliche is a a bunch of baloney. 

4. This book is hot off the press and is awaiting me at the library too. Kudos to you, Milwaukee Public Library for staying on top of new releases. 

5. I just picked this book up today. It's meant for young readers, but it sounds intriguing enough that I'll probably read it before passing it only Genevieve. It's a true story of two pen pals and how their correspondence changed both of their lives. 

This may be a cool book for my mother-in-law to read. She and her Irish pen pal have been writing letters to each other since middle school and have met up many times over the years to travel to different countries together. 

I was always a terrible pen pal. Perhaps this book will change that. 

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