Detox Day Two

The first day of detox went ok, except it seemed like every commercial I heard on the radio was either referencing bacon or a smokehouse burger. Tomorrow, they'll probably be giving free donut samples away at the grocery store.
I had a lot to accomplish yesterday and was running around town doing errands. The fact that I wasn't around the house too much probably helped me stay away from random munching.
I felt pretty energetic and wasn't hungry until around 5:00 last night. Then I was starving! I ate some raw pumpkin seeds and downed the last of the day's smoothie.  I also had a piece of chicken for dinner and had a (cheat) glass of wine with my neighbors. It's homemade wine made from grapes imported from Italy! I couldn't resist. Stop judging me with your eyes!
Today is Day 2 of 10. I'm anticipating a more difficult day because I'll be doing mundane jobs around the house. Mundane = munching for me.
Also, the whites of my eyes aren't any whiter yet. Stay tuned on that one.



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