Be Local: The Home Market

I love being in a home that makes me feel like lingering. There's something about a big plush couch, beautiful pillows, and pretty things that beckon me to sit down, read a book and take a nap. 

The Home Market is one of those places. Although I have to admit that taking a nap there was relatively awkward. 


A couple years ago, I discovered this shop.  They had a beautiful window display and naturally, I had to stop in and I am so glad that I did. Kate, the owner of the store, obviously has great style but what's more is that she's just plain cool. 

I like that.

We had a photo shoot last week and I knew I wanted to get some of Home Market's pretty little things into my house. And it was fabulous.

First, the pillows. I have a vintage kilim pillow (the pink one below) that was rather lonely all by itself. I paired it with The Home Market's ikat pillows and they are all besties now.

 Another pillow found a home by our desk and added some softness to our vintage chair.

I love the stitching details on this pillow!

This mirrored tray had a perfect spot on my dresser.

(Wow, this room has come a long way in the past 2 years).

 In the dining room, I tried a couple different looks for the table and ended up using one of the Dash & Albert rugs from The Home Market as a runner.  I love the lines and its nubby details.

I also added some rustic cutting boards and a cloche to the kitchen to add color and texture to an otherwise dull little corner.

I loved the zigzag tray in the bedroom as a jewelry tray but I relocated it to the dining room and loved it there too.  That tray is a versatile little thing.

Thanks to Kate at The Home Market!  I want all the things.




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