Basement Planning: The Wood Stack

I've been doing a lot of thinking & planning regarding the basement. Once finished, it's going to be a central hub of laundry, playing, art projects, movie watching, dance parties, storage, etc., so my brain has been operating on (hopefully) all cylinders to plan out the space.

I hope I get it right.

We have a wood-burning fireplace upstairs and we currently have a wood stack in the basement. And by "wood stack", I mean a pile of wood spilling out all over the floor, leaving bits of bark and dirt to intermingle with my laundry pile. And by "laundry pile", what I mean is whatever clothes are overflowing from the laundry chute basket because I haven't done laundry in awhile. 


Here's the thing: I don't want to build some special wood closet because a.) it's not worth the expense b.) there's something sort of rustic/charming about having a wood stack on display. Or so Pinterest tells me.  

We have a fireplace in the basement & I'd like to have the woodstack next to it. Here's some images that have inspired me:



Some of the above woodstacks are just for aesthetic. But we will be regularly pulling wood out of ours, so I know I will either line it with something (tin?) or at the very least, paint the inside black so it doesn't look scuffed all the time.  I really like the last photo that has some slanted metal (?) shelves to give the woodstack a zigzag appearance.
Does anyone with a woodstack (either indoor or outdoor) have some suggestions for a liner?
I'm so excited to get this project underway!  
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