Green Acres

Our back yard was a land of despair, chain link fence, weeds and potholes. And lots of junk from the remodel.

When we purchased our house, there was a giant tree in the back yard that was split pretty badly with several dead branches.  After consulting with a local tree company, they encouraged us to remove it because there was nothing that could be done to salvage it. I was sad to remove a mature tree, but it was hanging precariously over our neighbor's home and our garage.  It was a liability.

Down it came and the stump was ground under the surface of the ground.  The girls were fascinated with this process.

Last week we began tilling the yard and excavating the roots from the tree.  I wish I would have snapped a photo of my father in law removing the roots because it looked like an archaeologist's dig.  Here's a photo of earlier last week when Greg began tilling.  

One handed tilling, apparently. 

A group of extraordinary humans came over this weekend to help level, rake and sod the yard. And all I had to do was feed them...feed them and they will come....

The sod truck dropped off a couple hours into the process and it was a magical transformation.  

And now I feel like I live in the lush fields of Ireland.  Perhaps I should get some sheep.  

We watered throughout the weekend and it's rain in the forecast all week, so we got that going for us. Best part is when I look out the kitchen window and see this beautiful green carpet on level ground. Just love it.




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