A Week in Pictures

Wow, has it been a week since I last posted? It's been a roller coaster week in life, people.  Here's my last week in pictures.

1. On the "Living Simply" tip, I cleaned out my closet and took excess to consignment.  I added two shelves to our (extremely small) pantry and now our pantry is a magical world of organization.  You'll have to take my word for it because the pantry is too small to photograph.  Just imagine glorious organization and happiness behind this teeny door.  All from cutting two shelves.  
Laura: 2 points.

2. Sadly, after vowing not to purchase clear plastic containers to achieve organizational zen-ness, I bought a clear plastic container to achieve zen-ness.  (Is zen-ness a word?  It is now).  I have been deceived again by you, Target!  The power of plastic containers are irresistible!

Laura: 0 points

3.  Our wee lass underwent an x-ray and two MRIs this week.  She has a knee injury that we're trying to get more info on.  She was so brave.  Braver than her mama for sure.  The hardest moment is when they carried her sedated little body into the MRI room without me. She's doing well and we hope to have a diagnosis and treatment plan next week.

4. I hired a housekeeper.  She's a little inexperienced, but she was reasonably priced.  And so friendly!  Drawbacks are occasional diaper changes, plus room and board. Also, college tuition may factor in.

Laura: 1 point

5. My love for Restore has been rekindled once again. I bought a work bench from them with an attached pegboard, which unfortunately was too large to fit in our basement.  Greg, in his totally calm & patient way, suggest we either saw my beloved pegboard off of the bench or have a very large bonfire in our backyard to burn the whole shebang. In the end the pegboard was surgically removed from the bench in hopes that I can still mount it to the wall.  Hopefully.  
Other treasures that came home with me are pictured below.

Laura: 2 points

Have a great weekend, all.
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