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So. Christmas is coming and I tend to get just a teensy bit anxious and neurotic at this time of year. It’s as if there’s a voice in my head (always accompanied by a siren) that yells, “Quick! Buy Stuff!” And then, when I buy the Stuff, the voice interrogates me: “But do you have enough Stuff? Is it the right kind of Stuff? Does everyone have an equitable amount of Stuff? Did you get the best deal on the Stuff?” 

Cue the nervous breakdown. 

I typically do most Christmas shopping online because I just prefer sitting on the couch in my pjs and finding online promo codes to sweeten the deal. It’s how I roll. However, the drawback to online ordering is that Stuff could take a couple weeks to arrive and I can’t keep all my purchases straight in my head.

The past couple of years, I did spreadsheets to show what I bought/planned to buy for each of my four kiddos, plus nieces, nephews, teachers, etc. The spreadsheets included a photo of the item, the price, the best place to buy it, and any pertinent coupons or promo codes. Sounds fun, right?  Riiiiight. 

This year, I have a tip to share with you that is so much cooler and more useful than spreadsheets: Pinterest now features secret boards and only myself and the people I invite can see the board. 

Setting up a secret board is simple too. Log into your Pinterest account and click on “Create a New Board”. The below screen will pop up and you can just click to make it a secret board. You can also add collaborators to the board once you create it or you can add them later. I added my hubs as a collaborator to my Christmas secret board so he could pin an idea for the kids if something caught his eye.

Hey, it could happen. He may pin something someday.

These secret boards are super useful for sharing gift ideas with family too. It’d be pretty cool if family members shared boards for great gift ideas for a niece or brother-in-law. It’s a small step toward simplicity, but oh-so-helpful for visual people like me. 

Have you found a good gifting system you’d like to brag about? I’m all ears!

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