Living Simply: Day 2

Day 2:
I emerged victorious from the desk yesterday! It now functions as usable space!
While I was at it, I packed up a bunch of books that the girls don't read and took those to Goodwill.  There were several well-loved books in disrepair, so I sat down with a scissors and some packing tape and fixed them.  10 minutes later I was done. Boom.
I sorted out all the markers that have dried out and tossed them and then sharpened all their pencils and colored pencils.  
Since I had achieved rock star status in that room, I moved on: this time, with really simple things.  I unsubscribed from a bunch of emails that I don't want in my inbox anymore.  I packed up some of my clothes and the kid's clothes and took them to consignments stores. And then those stores gave me money!  It was a magical experience!
I am unstoppable now.  
Lindsey started this project yesterday: the reorganization of her little guy's room.

You can do it, Lindsey!  We're cheering you on! Show us an after photo once you're done (even if it's months from now).  

Goal for tomorrow: my closet.  Cue the spooky music....
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