Sputnik Situation

I was at the Habitat for Humanity Restore last week, and as always, spent some time in the lighting section.  I came across this fixture with a 20% sale. I brought it home. Of course.
I dig the brass and wood combo but the glass panels?  Not so sure about those.  I started taking the glass off the perimeter and thought I'd better research this fixture before I start taking it apart.  Here's what (I think) I know: it's a Fredrick Raymond sputnik fixture from somewhere in the 1950s-1970s.  The solid brass ones sell for $800-$2900.


I know that the one I brought home wouldn't be worth as much as the above because it's trimmed out in wood, but it's still a very cool brass sputnik with 8 arms.  
Here's a shot with 2 glass panels removed.

So the big question now is to keep or sell?  I could certainly use a cool fixture in our family room where it's a bit dark with our current fixture.  

If I keep it, I will take off the glass panels, sand the wood and find some great filament bulbs to put in.  If I sell it, I will have a bit nicer Christmas ;)

What would you do?
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